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Why Yoga?

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Does an ancient practice hold the key to modern day stress?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do after a long day is to motivate oneself to workout. The last thing we would like is to spend what seems like a lifetime walking on a treadmill or be judged as we struggle to keep up in a cycling class. At this time, our body craves both rejuvenation and relaxation. What can we do that combines both?

Modern science is just beginning to figure out what Indians knew over 5000 years ago – yoga is our to key to both health and serenity.

Why practice yoga?

- Manage stress

- Reduce anxiety and depression

- Improve clarity

- Reduce weight

- Increase flexibility

- Increase tone and muscle strength

- Improve cardio health and circulation[1]

Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes – yoga’s simplest asanas (postures) can help one reap benefits within a few short sessions of regular practice. Soon touching your toes (uttanasana), grabbing your opposite elbow behind your back, or standing on one foot in tree pose (vrikshasana) will no longer be challenging enough, and you’ll see yourself considering the advance level class.

The issues of yesteryear aren’t much different than the problems of today. However, we’re lucky we can rely on age-old wisdom to provide a path that can help us deal with making life’s challenges a bit more bearable, for both the body and mind.

Join the 21 million Americans practicing yoga today.

Join me in making this practice an everyday part of your life!


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